Hnit: 65.396671°N, -20.943273°V

Hvammstangi is an Icelandic village in the north-west part of the country, on Vatnsnes peninsula, situated on the Miðfjörður.

It is the most densely populated area in the Húnaþing County, with a current population of about 580 people.

It is an important service center for the surrounding area, it is also a regional provider of education, it has been an important trading center since 1846. The town has a growing tourism and administration industry, the fishing industry (providing mainly shrimp) is also very important to the towns economy, the town also owns the largest textile factory in Iceland.

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Staðsetning: Norðurland
Skoðuð: 2460 sinnum
Heimild: Hér

Vegalengd frá Reykjavík: ? km

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