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Now we have beds for 23 people in Tangahus. The rooms are in 1. 2.- and 3. floor. Our guests can also have bed for children an extra mattress if they need.

In the house is a fine kitchen for our guests with all things they need to cook and a good hall with places for about 35 people.

Our guests can wash and dry their laundry if they choose, find a good book to read, go to the internet and also look at a fine wares made from icelandic wool.

The guesthouse stand very close to the sea and there is a lot of birds there nearby and sometimes also curious seals.

Tangahus guesthouse has it´s own enviromental policy and is a non smoke area

Bóka núna
Staðsetning: Norðurland
Vefsíða: Sjá hér
Skoðuð: 1482 sinnum
Heimild: Hér

Vegalengd frá Reykjavík: ? km

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