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Djúpavík is a sheltered bay in the Strandir district of northwest Iceland.

It is a remote region, largely untouched by modern developments where silence reigns and nature continues to shape a rugged, mountainous landscape.

Djúpavík Hotel is a building that was formerly the living quarters for women working in a herring processing factory that was built in the bay but fell into disuse many years ago.

If you are looking for simpler accommodation for a group of up to ten people then Álfasteinn Cottage is an ideal choice.

The Djúpavík Hotel is situated in magnificent surroundings at the head of Reykjarfjörður fjord in theStrandir region of northwest Iceland. It is located about 70km north of Hólmavík (see here for directions).

The accommodation is delightfully rustic with traditional wooden floors and a collection of memorabilia dating back many years. There are eight double rooms, each with washbasin and shared shower rooms, all on the first floor.

We serve breakfast and dinner in our charming, wooden-beamed dining room. Coffee, tea, cakes and other snacks are available throughout the day.

As well as hotel rooms we offer reasonably priced sleeping bag accommodation in the two small houses close to the hotel. Lækjarkot Cottage is suitable for small groups, while Álfasteinn Cottage can accommodate up to 10 people, with option cooking facilities.

Pricelist 2014

Djúpavík Hotel
  Double room with washbasin kr. 11.400,–  
  Single room with washbasin kr. 8.900,–  
Álfsasteinn Cottage
  Double room kr. 10.800,–  
  Room for 3 people kr. 14.400,–  
  Single room kr. 7.600,–  
  Sleeping bag accommodation with cooking facility, per person kr. 4.100,–  
Lækjarkot Cottage
  Sleeping bag accommodation, per person kr. 3.500,–  
  Room for 4 people (4 made-up beds) kr. 16.200,–  
  Room for 4 people (2 made-up beds, 2 sleeping bag spaces) kr. 14.200,–  
  Breakfast kr. 1.700,–  
  Dinner, coffee and cake, sandwiches and other refreshments Range of prices  


All prices are in ISK (Icelandic kronur). Prices are valid from 1 January 2014
until 31 December 2014.

Download our 2014 pricelist here (PDF).

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our prices.

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Heimild: Hér

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