Topp 10 fossar á Íslandi


Topp 10 fossar á Íslandi....
Unnið er að Íslensku útgáfunni, endilega skoðið ensku hér fyrir neðan á meðan.

Planning the ultimate Iceland itinerary? You’ve landed the right place while looking for the must-see places in the country!

With large amounts of water from precipitation and melting glaciers gushing over its gigantic, hovering cliffs, Icelands’ waterfalls are some of the most stunning places on earth.

As such, Iceland’s waterfalls form some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes, and they’re definitely something you can not miss during your trip.

However, with over 10,000 waterfalls in such a small country, choosing the best ones to visit can get overwhelming. But fret not — we’ve put together a guide on the top 10 wonderful waterfalls in Iceland to make sure you know exactly where to head to in order to snag memorable experiences!

So, without keeping you on the edge of your seat any further, let’s get to it!

1. Gullfoss Falls

Located along the Golden Circle trail, Gullfoss is hands down the most popular waterfall in Iceland.

This marvelous waterfall drops 32 meters into the Hvítá River below, flowing in a 70-meter deep canyon. If the weather is nice, you can walk close enough to feel the refreshing mist on your face! However, keep an eye out for any STOP signs (especially during bad weather). Also, the mist can make the walking areas slippery, so be sure to watch your step.

This waterfall has a story in folklore to tell. Back in the day, two people living across the river fell in love. They united when the young man crossed the river to live happily ever after with the love of his life.

Also, keep in mind that Gullfoss’s beauty attracts heaps of visitors, so you should be prepared to bump into a person (or two). It will be worth it, though!

2. Seljalandsfoss

An idyllic waterfall nestled in the ridge of a peaceful canyon, Seljalandsfoss is a must-visit for folks seeking serenity and stunning views simultaneously. It drops 60 meters down into the Seljalands River surrounded by meadows of lush greenery.

The best time to visit these falls is during the summer months. If the weather is clear, you can even head behind the falls into a recessed cave and capture mesmerizing photos of water cascading amongst the glistening sun.

Seljalandsfoss is a famous favorite because it is easy to access, offers majestic vistas, and gives visitors the opportunity to walk behind it.

If you’re lucky, you can even catch a beautiful rainbow in front of the falls, and perhaps some wildflowers in the meadows during spring.

3. Dettifoss

Located in Diamond Circle of Northeast Iceland, Dettifoss is known to be the second most powerful waterfall in the whole of Europe and the largest in Iceland!

It is 100 meters wide and 44 meters deep, but the sheer water volume (of an incredible 193 cubic meters per second) is what makes this waterfall awe-inspiring.

The Vatnajökull glacier feeds this waterfall, and the melting water joining it is milky-gray in color. Dettifoss remains a popular favorite because of its striking size and the high location of its viewpoint offering jaw-dropping vistas.

If you’re planning to visit Dettifoss, be sure to check if the roads around it are accessible ahead of time. It’s not uncommon for paths to be blocked during bad weather.

4. Skógafoss

Being 60 meters deep and 25 meters wide, Skógafoss is another one of the largest and most magnificent waterfalls of Iceland. The good part is that it is easily accessible from the Ring Road, so there’s not much you have to do to get to it.

If you have an entire day to spare for this stunning waterfall, you can first walk the bottom of it, followed by viewing it from various vantage points located higher up.

Because there is a large amount of mist surrounding these falls, you can expect to see multiple rainbows on sunny days as well. These account for stunning pictures your Instagram family will love!

Plus, there’s onsite camping available in case you wish to spend the hours of the night listening to gushing water, followed by a sunrise behind cascading water.

5. Goðafoss

Located in the northern region of Iceland, Goðafoss stands tall in all its glory. It is 12 meters deep and 30 meters wide and is featured by a beautiful horseshoe shape (similar to the Niagara Falls in Toronto).

Goðafoss quite literally means “Water of the Gods”. It got this name back in the day when reportedly, Norse Gods were thrown into the waterfall by a man converting to Christianity.

Additionally, this is accessible both from the western and eastern shore, with the latter giving closer proximity to the gushing waters. If you’re someone with an adventurous soul, you’re going to love this waterfall. Restrictions are minimal and no one will mind you wandering around (and even dangling your feet over the edge). Just be careful and you’ll be sure to have the best time of your life!

6. Aldeyjarfoss

Located at the tip of Iceland’s highlands, Aldeyjarfoss is a stunning waterfall. However, its location means it is not easily accessible, and so, you can consider it a hidden gem of the country.

As such, Aldeyjarfoss forms a great isolated location with beautiful vistas, where you can marvel at the doings of Mother Nature while enjoying your time in seclusion. One interesting thing to do here is hiking down to the pool at its base, and reflecting and revitalizing while dipping your feet into its clear waters.

With a black basalt rock cliff as its backdrop, this waterfall is often considered the perfect photographer location in Iceland. Fun fact: it is fed by Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull!

7. Svartifoss

Located in the Skaftafell National Park of Southern Iceland, Svartifoss is a one-of-a-kind waterfall.

The term Svartifoss quite literally means ‘Black Falls’, and it gets this name from the textured, dark-colored lava rocks behind it. Although it is only 20 meters deep, its color contrasts between the black, crystallized lava rocks and white waters give it a unique look that visitors absolutely love.

However, the only way to get to Svartifoss is by hiking. There are two trails leading to the back of the falls. To make sure you don’t miss a single view, go up one trail and come back down from the other. It may get tiring, but it’s definitely going to be an experience you will reminisce about forever!

8. Háifoss

Háifoss’s 122-meter depth makes it one of the tallest waterfalls of Iceland, and hence a must-visit. It is just a short walk via a gravel trail from the parking lot, but if you’re in for a good hike, you can trek down to the base of the falls.

Along the way, you will find various vantage points offering beautiful views of Háifoss. Right next to this location is another grand waterfall, Granni — make sure to pay it a visit if you’ve got some extra few minutes!

The best part is that not many people venture out this way, so you can enjoy this place to yourself (or perhaps share it with just a few others).

9. Glymur

Being a whopping 198 meters deep, Glymur is the second tallest waterfall in Iceland! But its height also means it takes some effort to get there — you can either join a loop hike or an out-and-back hike to make it to the best viewing points.

Both hikes are strenuous and it is advisable to hire a tour guide who can provide you with the necessary safety equipment beforehand. However, the views will be worth it and the trek will surely satisfy your inner adventurer!

Glymur is situated on the Hvalfjörður fjord. It has various falls flowing in different volumes, and the landscape is featured by dark rock and lush green moss.

10. Kvernufoss

Located in South Iceland, Kvernufoss is often overlooked by visitors and is hence an off-the-beaten-path place. You can get there by a 1.5-kilometer, relatively flat hike. Although the trek is safe, it can get muddy so be sure to watch your steps.

During the hike, you will get scenic views along the way, but the final majestic presence of the 30-meter deep Kvernufoss waterfall will beat it all!

Unlike most Icelandic waterfalls, you can take a walk behind Kvernufoss for a unique, peaceful experience, so don't just turn back after catching a glimpse of the falls!

All Set To Visit The Top 10 Wonderful Waterfalls of Iceland?

With our list of the top 10 wonderful waterfalls in Iceland coming to an end, we hope you know exactly where to head to as soon as you land foot in Iceland.

But it's helpful to remember - since Iceland’s sensational waterfalls are world-famous, you can expect a good amount of tourists and locals enjoying views of nature’s picturesque landscapes during your visit.

This is especially true for the more famous ones — if you seek a secluded experience, be sure to visit during the early hours of the morning and you’ll be good to go!

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